Meet The Teacher

I'm a Kindergarten teacher in Texas. I didn't always know I wanted to be a teacher. I decided that I'd try it out a little later in life. I was a banker for 6 years. I have a BGS focused in Management, Professional Development, and Communications. (Essentially, a business degree) When I started thinking about having children myself and got engaged, I decided that teaching may be a way to get more time with my kids. So, I got certified as a teacher and haven't looked back. I really love my job and working with the children. I never knew what it was like to love your job until now. I used to be the person that dreaded the 9-5 but now, I literally work on my off time because its "fun" for me(as crazy as that sounds.) I am always thinking of ways to improve and be a better teacher.

I am recently married to my long time boyfriend and we have 1 boxer named Bella(yes, I am a Twilight fan.)

I love all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, Star Wars, and most things nerdy. Except for gaming, I can't stand it and my husband drives me crazy with it (lol). We don't have any children yet but hope to in the next few years.

I hope my experiences in the classroom help others to find things they can implement or use because we all have the same goal as teachers. We are helping build a brighter future.